Sunday, July 27, 2014

Book Launch - Encima Del Arco Iris (Spanish Edition) [Kindle Edition] (On Top of the Rainbow by K. Meador)

Cinco años viejo Gabe huye de casa. Mientras que en el bosque conoce a Lep y Elita y sube un arco iris. En la parte superior del arco iris debe hacer la decisión de cruzar a una tierra de deleite o volver a su familia que adora. Venga a visitar con Gabe, Lep y Elita como descubren la importancia del amor familiar.

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Mr. Chuckles stirs the Wizard's Cauldron, whipping up the anti-bullying novella, Ty the Bull.

Ty the Bull is about bullies and divorce. Kid’s can be so cruel to each other. Bullying has been going on forever but now it is better in some ways because now it is more talked about.
This ten year old Ty has to deal with kids at school who turn on him as the wind blows. If things are not bad enough his parents have split up and he feels alone. Ty feels lonely. He doesn’t feel understood and doesn’t get the attention he needs. 

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The Night I Danced with Rommel by Elisabeth Marrion - Kindle Countdown Deal - limited time only


The Night I Danced with Rommel: Unbroken Bonds - Hilde's Story [Kindle Edition]

Elisabeth Marrion

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May I have this dance, Hilde’ asked Field Marshal Rommel, opening the Grande Ball held in his honour.
Did this dance save the life of Hilde’s Polish friends?

Hilde had come a long way since her dream of becoming a singer was shattered when her father made arrangements for her to work as a housekeeper in Berlin at the tender age of fourteen.

Hilde’s life is thrown into turmoil in Berlin during the late 1920’s early 1930’s. Having Polish friends meant it was becoming increasingly unsafe for her to stay there and she finds a new life in the Harz mountains.

In Goslar, Hilde meets her husband, Karl, a young officer in the German Army.
When he joins the 7th Panzer Brigade led by General Erwin Rommel at the beginning of World War II, Hilde is left to bring up their children in war-torn Germany.

Hilde’s story is based on facts and is told here by her youngest daughter, Elisabeth.

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NEW MOON PROMOTION*** 25 July for one week only!

Destiny of Angels
Traumatic events in her childhood, send Angel Parsons upon a different life path.

Fifteen years later, with the help of her new 'family' and the resurrected relationship with Jenny Parkes, her only friend from school, Angel confronts the perpetrators of her misery. Rather than seeking revenge and to free herself from her past, Angel uses the skills she has acquired to offer her persecutors the chance of redemption.

Will Angel fulfil her destiny and put her past behind her or will the demons she unleashes consume herself and her 'family' and leave her empty and alone once more?
Wrath of Angels
Angel Parsons – wife, lover, entrepreneur and witch – is back and though she strives to put her past behind her, Lilith the Dark Goddess has other ideas.

Angel has the power at her finger tips. The choice is hers. Will she evoke her wrath to take her revenge on Lilith or will she summon nature's forces and the strongest emotion on earth to put right the wrongs of the Dark Goddess?

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History Trivia - Danish King Waldemar IV destroys Visby Gotland

July 27

 1054 Siward, Earl of Northumbria invaded Scotland to support Malcolm Canmore against Macbeth of Scotland, who usurped the Scottish throne from Malcolm's father, King Duncan. Macbeth was defeated at Dunsinane.

1170: Thomas Becket and King Henry II temporarily reconciled. Becket's six-year self-imposed exile from England was resolved when he met with Henry and King Louis VII of France at a conference in Freteval and settled on an uneasy truce. Becket made preparations to return to his See in Canterbury.

1214 King John lost Normandy and his other French possessions after being defeated by Philip II of France in the Battle of Bouvines.

 1360 Danish King Waldemar IV destroyed Visby Gotland (Sweden's largest island, which is also the largest island in the Baltic Sea).
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My review of Ty the Bull by Brenda Perlin

Ty the Bull is a heartwarming account of a child’s experience with bullies.  Rex cannot explain why he became a target and shares his feelings about the effect this horrific situation had on his behavior.  This is a story of hope and a must read for any child going through a similar experience.

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History Trivia - Offa, king of Mercia dies

July 26

796 Offa, king of Mercia died. Many historians regard Offa as the most powerful Anglo-Saxon king before Alfred the Great

 1267 Inquisition formed in Rome under Pope Clement IV. 

 1469 Wars of the Roses: the Battle of Edgecote Moor pitted the forces of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick against those of Edward IV of England took place.

1497 "Edward IV's son" Perkin Warbeck’s army landed in Cork.

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